Since the early 1980’s Ikramini believed in the power of the story.What is life but the stories we weave every day! Our lives are the daily stories we tell and live and are represented in colors, forms and music.

At Ikramini, we love to tell our stories with style. We incorporate all elements of fashion and represent them in a feast to your senses. We love to engage our audience in the storytelling process while staying true to our purpose. Our goal is to give our audience the best experience with all of our products.

Ikramini is considered one of the foremost pioneers in fashion that represents Middle Eastern heritage. Our magical stories epitomize the style of the eastern and European market. We perform well-known stories as well as our own productions using European crews in blended theatrical and musical fashion shows.

Our products are of the best quality and value. They are handmade with passion and creativity from the best raw materials available. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating it. Our unique pieces of artwork are all one of a kind. Owning one of our pieces is like owning an original painting with no replica. We believe that you are the most important part of the designing process, so please follow us and interact with us through our social media to be part of the magic!

For general and business inquiries:

Fashion Designer
Hagalunda 20
387 96 Köpingsvik

Tel. +46 73 783 53 51