Ikramini, electric engineer from Iraq, a fashion designer since the 80’s. She is a true example to making dreams come true. Fascinated by colors and fabrics since her childhood yet choosing to study engineering to fulfill the desire of her family. Still the dream of becoming a fashion designer never disappeared, with the image of Coco Chanel in her mind. She was determined to turn the wheel and start working with her passion in the early 80’s defying all obstacles as being employed to a full time job with children at home to care for. Her love for fashion gave her an infinite power to sail the seas of design. With an eastern treasure held in her arms getting inspiration from old architecture and genuine silver designs, she implemented her earlier designs of Abaya with hand-painted symbols representing silver jewelry.

Leaving Hometown Baghdad to a modern Jordan opened new horizons for Ikramini. With fashion shows patronized by members of the royal family of Jordan, Ikramini succeeded again to build her name as a fashion designer bypassing all challenges of starting on new grounds.

And just like a voyager, sailing again but this time crossing continents ending in Europe thus landing in Sweden, the land of the vikings. To prove again to herself that she is always ready for a new adventure when it comes to fulfilling her dream of taking fashion shows to a new level. Making her fashion shows unique through theatrical touch where she allows her garments to tell a story of her own composition.

Ikramini believes that working with her hands adds a little bit of soul into her work. All her garments and other products are handmade with passion. All materials are natural, chosen from all over the world. And as her journey is unique, so are her garments. You are guaranteed to get a one of a kind design as ikramini makes only one piece of each design. Your right to exclusivity is found at Ikraminiart.